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Tanya. S. Bartlett is a versatile professional Voice Over Artist & Producer.   She works with world-renowned trusted brands and expert select international media agencies; with clientele in 26 countries worldwide and is a professional member of Equity, Spotlight, the World Voices Org and a proud member of Voxy Ladies USA.    She works with extremely skilled professional voice acting coaches from the GVAA, (Global Voice Acting Academy, USA).  At British Voice Over UK we are here to help and cover all voice over genre; offer discount for repeat clients and work with a smaller trusted group of select international voice over talents.   Click on our demos to hear some of us and you can also listen to Tanya's VO on the videos above.   British Voice Over UK is a fully equipped studio with ISDN , (IMAC computer system, Rode NT Mics, Soundcraft Pro Desk and reading monitors).  We also specialise in time code, lipsync and dubbing.  We are a "Source Connect Now studio".  We offer free guest login! Contact us to create a sample custom demo for you.

British Voice Over UK works together with Sirenna; a highly professional team that produce eLearning courses and professional training for a large array of blue chip organisations and governmental official agencies.  How we complement each other?  We produce the professional voice over for the eLearning content and Sirenna's team are on hand to create any scripts, corporate videos and even the platforms from which they are built on.  
 Click on the link to see what Sirenna can do for you and your company.  

New member to join the British Voice Over UK Team!  Radio Imaging proffessional.  Beni's in the houzzzzzzzz...   Click here  to listen to one of Benni's Radio Imaging Samples.  Go to Demos and links page to listen to more.


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