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British Voice Over UK was founded by Tanya S. Bartlett.

We are proud to work with world-renowned trusted brands and expert select international media agencies; with clientele in 26 countries worldwide. Tanya is a professional member of Equity, Spotlight, the World Voices Org, and a proud member of Voxy Ladies USA.

A worldwide network of professionally selected voice overs at your fingertips.

Unlike other agencies British Voice Over UK saves you valuable time as we do the shortlisting for you. We know our VO’s individually and they are not just a number to us. We make everything more ‘personable’.

Our USP as a bespoke company: We create custom demos free of charge for your end client, we do the pre-selection groundwork for you. This saves our client’s valuable time. Whilst proving we truly do ‘get’ their vision. Our clients do not need 100’s of voice over choices, they need the right choices sent to them that are specifically project matched for them. All our voice overs have strong industry experience, are known for reliable turn- around times and work from their own professionally equipped home studios. We have a strict vetting process.

We have a dedicated team of international voice overs that we have worked extensively with, for our international client base. The difference with British Voice Over UK is that when you work with us you liaise with the founder of the company and not a different employee every time. We really do know our clients. British Voice Over UK doesn’t pay for Google ads to be at the top of Google pages. We earned the right to be there.

We are competitive with our rates whilst maintaining industry standards. Our VO’s feel worthwhile and our clients/agents are always guaranteed good results. The way we work is a proven method that keeps our clients happy and our reviews five star. The majority of our client base has been with us for years. They started working with us and they stayed…

Check out the British Voice Over UK video to see how our process works.

“We are here to break a lip for you!”

Trusted partners

We partnered up with the techmificent Soundcatchers team who are at the top of their game, offering professional broadcast quality remote dial in services for specially required projects and clients.

International Voice Over Artists

Our international artists at British Voice Over UK are all very experienced and come from a fabulous tapestry of cultures and established brands behind them. Whether your project is commercial, corporate, a documentry, E-Learning or dubbing. Our international artists are here to help!

Translation services on request. Our partner agency was the first translation agency to be established in France since 1958. All translators are qualified professionals, specialized in the fields in which they work and all translate in their mother tongue for more then 150 languages. Their network spans many fields of medical, technical, legal, cultural, marketing and their list goes on...

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