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British Voice Over UK was founded by Tanya S. Bartlett.

At British Voice Over UK we always get excellent reviews and we receive no less than 5 star ratings. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy. Please see Tanya's reviews page to see just some of her reviews. Our clients are international so we work on ALL time zones too!

Welcome to our world of professional voice over and video production.

Tanya S. Bartlett is a versatile professional Voice Over Artist & Producer: the founder of British Voice Over UK.
She works with world-renowned trusted brands and expert select international media agencies; with clientele in 26 countries worldwide. Tanya is a professional member of Equity, Spotlight, the World Voices Org and a proud member of Voxy Ladies USA.

She works with extremely skilled professional voice acting coaches from the GVAA, (Global Voice Acting Academy, USA). At British Voice Over UK we are here to help and cover all voice over genre. We work with a specific team of select international voice over artists and specialists. Click on our demos page! You can hear some of Tanya’s VO on the videos below. Our team work from highly professional studios around the world. Please enquire about our ISDN, Source Connect Now Options. Contact us to create a sample custom demo for you.

Need professional VO? No problem, our team have a wealth or experience to offer you!
Need professional video production? Sam has you covered. Check out our new fixed price VO/Video/Imaging & FX Package. Need specialist sound FX’s or Imaging? Benni is your man!

What’s important to you is important to us. We can also set up Skype conference calls at pre determined times and dates. Tanya is a professional writer/journalist so is always here to assist you with scripts.

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We can now take card payments over the phone, just call this number:

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British Voice Over UK & GGRY Design VO/Video/Imaging & FX Package
Fixed Price 2-minute explainer video.

We Have Now Teamed Up With Our New Partner GGRY Design. The Explainer Video Expert.

Making a good marketing video requires skills, creativity and an understanding of the audience you’ll be targeting. We work through 4 stages.

The Idea Stage - This is where all the ideas and tools needed to make a great video are assembled. Basically, you tell us what you want to get across to your audience and how you’d like to do it.

The Script Stage – You send us your script and we develop your idea with you. No one talks about their product or service better than you do! The script is your brainchild. We are the ‘tweakers’ of this part of the process.

The Storyboard Stage - Sam creates the graphics for your video using your ideas and script. Fully customized in accordance to the needs of each client. Sam does not use any stock images in his videos; each video is unique and tailored to you. You get to see the video in its static format. You want to make changes? GO AHEAD! We’ll listen.

The Animation Stage - Where the video is brought to life combining your script, amazing imaging and kickass audio. Most frames in Sam’s videos are animated so your clients engage with your targets. They won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen.

British Voice Over UK works together with Sirenna

British Voice Over UK also partners with Sirenna; a highly professional team that produce eLearning courses and professional training for a large array of blue chip organisations and governmental official agencies. How we complement each other? We produce the professional voice over for the eLearning content and Sirenna's team are on hand to create any scripts, corporate videos and even the platforms from which they are built on. Click on the link to see what Sirenna can do for you and your company. Click here

Check out our international voice over team that covers many foreign languages with highly skilled professionals!

What’s important to you is important to us. We can also set up Skype conference calls at pre determined times and dates. Tanya is a professional writer/journalist so is always here to assist you with scripts.

British Voice Over UK;
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