Years of using our voices professionally, has given us a wealth of experience. We are able to produce a long list of VO genre so please just ask us.

All you need to do is fill in the form below and give us a little information about your project and upload any relevant files that you think may help.  Or call us and if you reside in the USA our USA line should be free!

Our turnaround time is swift so we will get back to you with a professional quote, including estimated recording and producing time.  All our rates have the BSF (Basic Studio Fee) incorporated and if your project is non-broadcast then useage fees are built in too, so NO hidden surprises!

If you are not sure what your needs may be, as yet, then provide us with the information that you have for your intended project so far and we will do our level best, to get back to you with the rate that you will be looking at.

Broadcast Rates:  If your project is Broadcast then we will quote you according to which channel, country and specific useage.  Every broadcast project is different so there is always a huge range of prices that cover broadcast.

How it works?


Please fill in the form below. Upload your file for the script. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with a quote. Generally we aim to return your fully produced audio files to you the same day once a quote has been agreed. Unless the project is an audio book or a project of greater length in which case a delivery date will be pre-arranged. You can arrange an appointment with us to discuss your project too.
It’s as easy as that!

Payment Options


You can pay us via credit card through Paypal on our secure site, bank transfer or via Paypal transfer.

Payment Terms:

1st Booking:  Payment on receipt of files. Large projects 50% deposit required.
2nd Booking: Payment within 10 days.
3rd Booking Onwards: Payment within 30 days.

Please complete the form below:-

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